Why Designer Puppies?

Our designer puppies are uniquely bred for stable temperament and enthusiasm to appease their owners.  Beyond simply being cute and cuddly, designer puppies make loyal and loving playmates, and their traits make them the ideal family pet. They will be an integral member of the family in no time and will increase the joy in your home tremendously.


What is a Goldendoodle?

A Goldendoodle is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

You get the family-friendly temperament of the Golden Retriever without the shedding. They are very loyal and intelligent. An F1 is a first generation puppy from a Golden Retriever and Poodle. An F1B is a first generation then bred to a Poodle, these are usually curlier with little to no shedding. A multi-generational Goldendoodle is a Goldendoodle bred to a Goldendoodle. They are often said to look like teddy bears!

What is a Cavapoo?

A Cavapoo is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.

Cavaliers are very mild-mannered, loving and loyal. When bred with a Poodle’s non-shedding coat they will shed less than a purebred Cavalier. F1 Cavapoos are first generation Cavapoos, 50% Cavalier and 50% Poodle. F1B means the first generation Cavapoo is then bred to a poodle, these usually do not shed at all and are better for allergy sufferers.

Cavapoos also inherit the Poodle’s high intelligence and trainability. They are healthy, sturdy small dogs who get along well with children. They are a very popular crossbreed dog in Australia due to their exceptional temperaments, robustness and low-shed. Cavapoo puppies are the best of both breeds.

Our Dams (Females)


Breed: F1b Cavapoo

  • Weight: 14 lbs

Minnie is the ultimate family companion.  She loves people and playing fetch!  We are excited to add some new colors this year!  Minnie will give us a variety of red or apricot, black, tri-color, phantom, abstracts, and parti colors!  She is a petite little lady and super sweet!  

She has passed DNA testing for breeding. OFA testing complete and heart and patellas are all clear!      


Breed: CKC Mini Poodle

  • Weight: 6 lbs

Everyone adores and loves Coco!  She is very sweet and so small!  Coco and Bella are sisters!  Coco will be a mom to toy F1b cavapoos, teacup goldendoodles, and maybe maltipoos.  

She has passed DNA testing for breeding. OFA testing clear heart and patellas!    


Breed: F1 Cavapoo

  • Weight: 14 lbs

Cece is so sweet and loves people.   She really has a heart of gold!  She will be a mom to petite/toy F1b cavapoos.  

She has passed DNA testing for breeding. OFA testing clear heart and patellas!    

About Our Family

Meet our family!

Our love for dogs began when our daughter asked us for a puppy.  I grew up in Montana and spent a lot of time on my grandparents ranch’s and I have always loved animals!  I have the fondest memories of riding horses, milking cows,  bottle feeding calves, collecting eggs, and playing with the newborn lambs.  But since being an adult I had never had my own pet.  Once I had my own family and was in a good spot to give a puppy tons of time and attention we got our first puppy!  She was so much fun and brought so much joy to us!  I decided I really wanted to be able to bring the same joy to others and started researching breeding.  I started talking to other breeders and found a great mentor.  After researching and learning for a couple years I was ready to begin.  I absolutely love the genetics side of breeding and the training aspect.  I used to be a teacher so I love using those same skills to teach and raise my puppies.  I love seeing my puppies grow and learn!  I really wanted to focus on healthy well socialized puppies that would be amazing companions, low shedding, smart, loyal, great temperaments, and wonderful family pets.  Our first breed was the Goldendoodle.  They were everything I wanted and more.  I then also fell in love with the Cavapoo and decided to add them to our program as well.  They are both amazing breeds.  I wanted to give our puppies the best start possible in life and developed my program around my goals and I am very proud of our program and puppies.

We live in the beautiful state of Utah and love the outdoors.  We love hiking and spending time at the lake and in the mountains.  We have 3 wonderful children. My husband works from home and breeding is what I do full-time so that I am able to devote my time and attention to our puppies.  We all work together to raise the puppies.  Before breeding I was a teacher and taught elementary and middle school and coached volleyball and basketball. 

Meet our partner breeder!

Kari is our amazing partner breeder.  In order to give our puppies the most time and attention as possible we strive to never have more than two litters at a time.  It would not be possible to do all of the training we do with more litters than that at a time.  We brought Kari on as a partner breeder to help raise litters for us so that we can still deliver the highest quality puppies available!  We work together very closely as a team to raise the best puppies possible!  Kari is passionate about raising healthy well socialized puppies!  She loves what she does and it shows!  She is always learning and listening to the latest podcast about breeding.  She goes above and beyond, even getting up during the night while crate training to let the puppies out to potty, then she puts them back in their crate to continue sleeping through the night. Kari follows our curriculum and high standards.  She is extremely well organized and clean.  She also has an amazing setup with her newborn puppy area and puppy play room.  We are so grateful for Kari and the knowledge and help she brings to our program!  She has 3 dogs of her own and loves and spoils them so much.  You can follow her on instagram @choice_paws_kari.  I guarantee you will be just as impressed with her as we are!  (All dogs and puppies are still owned, sold and guaranteed through Choice Paws.  It will also be denoted on our litter information which litters Kari will be raising.)

Our unique approach to breeding

  • Not a Kennel
  • Raised in home
  • Health-Tested Dogs

Our mission is to breed healthy, well socialized, amazing family pets.  We have a small number of moms and litters.  All of our puppies are raised in the middle of a home and family.  We are not a kennel and we believe in quality over quantity.  We are very hands on with our puppies and spend a lot of time with them and that would not be possible with too many litters at once.  We do not mass produce puppies and do not keep our puppies in a garage or shed like some breeders.  We are also very transparent and post videos and live videos and pictures daily on instagram.  Make sure you know where your breeder raises the puppies.  Make sure you face time or see videos of where the puppies are born and raised! Anyone can take a cute picture, or a video of the puppies in the living room.  But where do they spend the majority of their day and life?  Our puppies are raised 100% in our home.  They have their own designated puppy rooms which are clean, bright, and specifically for our puppies!  All of our puppies are bred with a purpose.   All of our dogs live with us or in guardian homes with their forever families. This allows them to be a part of a family, live in a home, and be spoiled and well taken care of. Our dogs are loved immensely. The puppies are extremely well socialized and cared for. We want to be certain that our dogs receive the best possible care and receive what they need to be the best mothers and have healthy happy puppies.    If our partner breeder is raising the litter it will be noted on the upcoming litter information.  

All of our dams are DNA health tested through Embark as well as OFA tested. OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) testing is expensive and time consuming, so many breeders simply do not do the testing. Instead, they say their dogs are “health checked or vet checked”, which is not the same thing as DNA or OFA tested. A vet can not simply give an exam and know what genetic diseases the dog may be carrying, nor can they simply examine the dog and know what their hips, heart, elbows, patellas look like without x-rays (OFA hips require anesthesia and only certain vets are OFA certified).  We believe that this is one area that sets us apart from other breeders.  If we are using our own stud they are also DNA and OFA tested.  If we are using an outside stud they will be DNA tested but may or may not be OFA tested.  

When buying a puppy, it’s absolutely essential that the parents have had their DNA and OFA testing done. Cavaliers are prone to heart problems, poodles are prone to knee problems, Retrievers are prone to hip problems. There are specific genetic diseases that are common in each breed. You do not want to end up with expensive vet bills or heartbreak later down the road. That is why we put the time and money into properly health testing our dogs. Quality is our priority.

Because we are not a kennel and we put our mothers’ and puppies’ health and well-being first and foremost above anything else, we have limited number of available puppies each year. Make sure to reserve yours to make sure you don’t miss out on adding a wonderful new puppy to your family. 

About Our Puppies

How ChoicePaws Puppies Are Raised

We use the Puppy Culture program to raise the puppies.

Other breeders may say they use it, but do your homework and make sure that they are actually familiar with it and are in fact using it. It is a very extensive program. 

Part of the puppy culture program is using early neurological stimulation (ENS), which has been shown to make puppies healthier, more confident and more adaptable to new situations. There is a short window of time to do this that begins on the 3rd day of life and lasts until the 16th day. It is believed that because this interval of time is a period of rapid neurological growth and development, ENS is of great importance to the puppy. There are 5 exercises done with each puppy each day during this period.  We have also incorporated parts of other curriculums and some of our own!  Other things we do:  10 step handling exercises, car rides, fieldtrips, outdoor playtime, exposure to different textures (ice, bubble wrap, crinkly paper, etc), sound exposure.  

We have also partnered with Baxter & Bella so that you can receive online and live one on one puppy training.  You will receive a discount code from us.

ChoicePaws Training

The first 8 weeks of a puppy’s life is extremely important and will shape their future.

Your ChoicePaws Puppy Includes:

2-Year Genetic Health Guarantee

Up-To-Date on Vaccinations and De-Wormings

Your very own Snuggle Puppy with heartbeat and warming pack

Examined by a Licensed Vet to Ensure the Puppy is Healthy

Puppy Starter Package with Snuggle Puppy, Blanket, and Other Goodies such as chew sticks and toys.

30 days free pet insurance with Trupanion

Reserve Your Puppy

Available Puppies

New puppies that haven’t been reserved yet will be shown here. 

NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW APPLICATIONS.  New reservation policy effective May 10, 2023.  We will only be reserving puppies after we have a litter born.  That way we know how many puppies we have, genders, colors, timing of when they will go home, etc.  You will be able to see the litter before placing a deposit.  We will no longer be keeping a waiting list.  We will post on Instagram and our website when we have an available litter and when we will open up for applications.  About a week after the litter is born then I will accept applications.   I will then go through the applications and do a phone interview.  If you are selected for a spot you will be required to place a $500 reservation fee to reserve a spot for that litter.  The reservation fee goes towards the final price of the puppy.  A few weeks after the puppies are born you will select your puppy in order of deposits received and then you will place another $500 reservation fee, which goes towards the final price of the puppy.  The fees are non-refundable.  The balance in full is due after their 6 week vet exam and vaccinations.  Puppies go home at 8 weeks old.  Your puppy can not leave if your balance is not paid in full.    Follow us on instagram @choice_paws so that you will know when we are open for applications/deposits and for when we have available puppies.  We can fly your puppy to you with a flight nanny.  This is an extra fee and will be handled with the flight nanny.  We can refer you to our flight nanny.  *If you live in Utah, or pick your puppy up in Utah, 7.25% Utah state sale tax will be added.  If your puppy is delivered to you with our flight nanny you are responsible for reporting and paying sales tax in your state.  

Upcoming Litters

Follow us on Instagram @choice_paws so you can receive the most up to date information concerning our litters!    


Cece and Tiny Ted

Petite/Toy F1b Cavapoos

Due Date:                Anticipated August 2024

Go Home Date:        Anticipated October 2024

Total Expected:          4 puppies

Expected Size:             7-12 lbs

Expected Colors:    Red/brown and some with white markings, wavy or curly coats. 

Price:                              $4850

Reservation List:  We will reserve the puppies after they are born

*Outside stud. Ted is an AKC poodle.  He is only 2 1/2 lbs.  (other options Fritz, Roscoe, Charlie, Boston, Boomer, Cooper)  Breeder reserves the right to first pick of any litter. Occasionally we will keep a puppy to add to our breeding program. 

All dates are estimates. Occasionally, dams that are bred do not get pregnant or have smaller litters than anticipated. We’ve made educated guesses on the expected due date, puppies’ sizes, colors, and coat types, but these are not guaranteed. For more information please see our Policies section.

Coco and Saylor

Teacup F1b Cavapoos

Due Date:       Around December  2024

Go Home Date:   Around February 2025    

Total Expected:          3 puppies

Expected Size:             Average 6-8 lbs

Expected Colors:    Red abstract

Price:                              $4850 


*Outside stud.  Saylor is an 8lb F1 Cavapoo.  He has been DNA tested and has an amazing temperament. (or Loki 5 lbs F1b blenheim cavapoo) Breeder reserves the right to first pick of any litter. Occasionally we will keep a puppy to add to our breeding program. 

All dates are estimates. Occasionally, dams that are bred do not get pregnant or have smaller litters than anticipated. We’ve made educated guesses on the expected due date, puppies’ sizes, colors, and coat types, but these are not guaranteed. For more information please see our Policies section.

Minnie and Scotch

Mini Cavapoos

Due Date:      Summer 2024

Go Home Date:       Summer 2024

Total Expected:          3-5 puppies

Expected Size:             Average 10-18 lbs

Expected Colors:    Red, Apricot, Phantom (black/tan), Black, Tri Color (black/tan/white), some with white markings. Coats will be curly or wavy. Puppies will be approximately 62% poodle and 37% cavalier,  still low shedding and furnished.  If you want a little more cavalier and little less poodle this is a great combination. 

Price:                              $4200 


*Outside stud.  Scotch is a solid red F1 Cavapoo.  He weights 9 lbs and has an amazing temperament.  He has been dna tested through Embark.  (Or Leo goldendoodle).  Breeder reserves the right to first pick of any litter. Occasionally we will keep a puppy to add to our breeding program. 

All dates are estimates. Occasionally, dams that are bred do not get pregnant or have smaller litters than anticipated. We’ve made educated guesses on the expected due date, puppies’ sizes, colors, and coat types, but these are not guaranteed. For more information please see our Policies section.



When you come to visit the puppies please, do not visit any other kennels, the veterinarian, dog park, dog rescue centers etc. that day. We don’t want to expose our puppies to any viruses such as the Parvovirus, Dog Influenza, Giardia & Coccidia that can easily be passed to our puppies.

Visitation of puppies can begin after 5 weeks of age, with an appointment. Until that point, I will keep you updated on the puppies through lots of photos and videos!

Health Guarantee

We provide a 2-Year genetic health guarantee for each puppy. Terms/conditions are part of the application process.  You must agree to terms/conditions.  


Designer breeds are better for allergy sufferers as the poodle is less likely to cause allergies. In addition, less shedding is also better for allergies. Our F1B and F1BB puppies are the best choice for allergy sufferers.

If you or someone in your home has severe allergies we recommend additional testing before deciding to get a puppy.  We can not guarantee that you will not have allergies to our puppies.  We also can not guarantee no shedding.  We do our best with DNA testing and genetics to produce low shedding/non shedding dogs but nature doesn’t always play by the rules.   

Puppy Adoption Process

We accept applications and deposits once we have a confirmed pregnancy via ultrasound.  We will post on our website and instagram when we will accept applications for each litter.  Once we start accepting reservations you will need to fill out our online application form. We will review your application and if approved you will need to place a $500 reservation fee to reserve a spot on the litter (fee goes towards the final price of the litter). The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and will be applied to the price of the puppy.  Once the puppies are 4-5 weeks old  you will choose your puppy and place another $500 reservation fee (which goes towards the final price of the puppy).   We accept cashier’s check, Zelle, CashApp, Apple Pay, payments through Good Dog, and Venmo.  If you aren’t able to come in person, we can FaceTime so you can pick your puppy. I also post lots of videos and pictures on our instagram account.  Payment in full for your puppy will be due BEFORE you pick your puppy up. The puppies will be ready to go home at 8 weeks old.  


The contract is included in our application and you must agree to the terms and conditions there.  A spay/neuter agreement will be included.

Sizing and Pricing

Our Pricing

See each litter for pricing as pricing varies by size.  Prices range from $4,500 – $4,850.  

What goes into the pricing?

We spend thousands of dollars and many hours per breeding dog performing genetic health testing, OFA testing, and on vet visits for breeding and our litters (progesterone testing, artificial insemination, ultrasound, x-rays, puppy vaccinations, supplies, etc).  We also pay thousands to buy high quality dogs to add to our program.  We also pay extra for breeding rights.  When we have a litter of puppies we countless hours with them!  It really is a 24-7 job.  There are many sleepless nights, we have them on holidays, special ocassions, weekends, etc.    We also spend many many hours caring for our moms and puppies and training them.  We also take into account size our smaller moms have smaller litters but we still have the same fixed expenses.

Contact Us

We are here to help! We would love to answer questions or offer help at any time. We want the puppy’s transition to its new forever home to be as smooth as possible.

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