At Choice Paws, we believe in nurturing every puppy’s journey from the moment they are born until they find their forever home. Our philosophy centers around comprehensive care, attention to detail, and a deep commitment to each Choice Paws puppies wellbeing and development.

Choice Paws Puppies Nurturing Every Journey from Birth to Forever Home

The Choice Paws Philosophy

We’re dedicated to providing the best start in life for our puppies, focusing on health, socialization, and early training. This ensures every Choice Paws puppy is well-prepared for a life full of love and companionship. Our small, in home program allows us to focus on each and every puppy and the mother dog.

Commitment to Puppy Care and Development

Our commitment goes beyond basic needs; we focus on creating a nurturing environment that fosters each puppy’s physical and emotional growth. Our quiet, secure spaces are designed to minimize stress of the mom and therefor the puppies.

The Early Weeks: Birth and Initial Care

The First Days: Birth and Immediate Care

The journey begins with careful monitoring during birth and providing immediate care to ensure the health of both the mother and her litter. We work closely with a reproductive vet to ensure safe delivery of the puppies. I have a medical background and my breeding partner was a former nurse.

Health Monitoring and Mother’s Care

Early life health monitoring and the mother’s nurturing are crucial. We ensure both mother and puppies receive the best care during these initial weeks. Daily weight checks of the puppies, monitoring the mom for signs of infection or complications it very important. We have strict sanitary procedures and isolation from outside germs while the puppies are the most vulnerable.

Socialization and Developmental Milestones

Introduction to Socialization

Socialization starts early at Choice Paws. Puppies are gently exposed to various stimuli and environments to kickstart their social development. We follow well developed guidelines for the proper exposure and socialization and when these activities should take place.

Key Developmental Milestones in Puppies

Monitoring developmental milestones is key. We ensure each puppy is developing at a healthy pace, both physically and behaviorally. Each puppy is an individual and they develop at different rates. Our focus on each litter allows us the time to work with puppies individually if they need extra support. We do not have a one size fits all approach to raising our puppies.

Health and Wellness: A Top Priority

Regular Health Check-ups and Vaccinations

Routine health check-ups and vaccinations are integral to our care. This ensures every puppy maintains optimal health as they grow. Puppies are dewormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks. They receive their first set of shots and are examined by a licensed veterinarian before go home.

Nutrition and Early Care for Optimal Health

We provide high-quality nutrition and care, tailoring to the individual needs of each puppy for their best start in life. We use high quality food and probiotics to support puppy growth and development.

Preparing for Adoption: The Matching Process

Assessing Future Homes and Potential Owners

We take great care in assessing potential homes, ensuring our puppies will be well cared for and loved. I work very hard to chose the best families for my puppies. I believe that I am choosing new friends and families because I want to stay connected for years and years to come. I chose families that want their dog involved in their life and families that are passionate about the human/ canine connection.

The Matching Process: Ensuring the Best Fit

Our matching process is thorough, considering the puppy’s temperament and the owner’s lifestyle to ensure the best fit for both. All of our puppies have very stable, middle of the road temperaments. This is curated from careful selection and pairing of parents and the process in which I raise the puppies. I strive to guide families to the best fit in selection of their fur-ever friend.

The Adoption Day: A New Beginning

The Transition to a New Home

Adoption day is just the beginning. We provide guidance to ensure a smooth transition for the puppy to their new home.

Support and Guidance for New Owners

Choice Paws offers ongoing support and advice to new owners, ensuring they are well-equipped to care for their new family member. We offer our families a discount to lifetime training resources through Baxter and Bella using the code CHOICEPAWS for 25% off.


Why is the early care at Choice Paws important for a puppy’s development?

Early care is crucial for setting the foundation for a puppy’s health, behavior, and temperament.

How does Choice Paws ensure the health and wellness of each puppy?

The health of the parents comes before puppies. Our parents have been screened for breed related diseases from Embark and/or Animal Genetics. We also perform recommended OFA testing through our reproductive vet. Puppies receive health check-ups, vaccinations, and providing optimal nutrition and care.


Choosing Choice Paws Puppies means welcoming a well-rounded, healthy, and loving companion into your life. Our dedication to each puppy’s journey from birth to adoption ensures they are ready for a lifetime of happiness and companionship with their new families.

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