The Importance of Puppy Socialization: How Choice Paws’ Aunties Give Puppies an Exceptional Head Start

At Choice Paws, a renowned Utah-based dog breeder specializing in Cavapoos and Toy Goldendoodles, we understand the crucial role that early socialization plays in a puppy’s development. That’s why we utilize our adult dogs in the socialization process, affectionately known as “Aunties,” who help nurture and guide our puppies during their critical socialization window. In this blog post, we’ll explore the numerous benefits of this approach and how it sets our puppies up for success in their future homes across the USA.

The Importance of Puppy Socialization: How Choice Paws' Aunties Give Puppies an Exceptional Head Start

The Role of Aunties in Puppy Socialization

After our puppies are weaned and their mothers return to their guardian families, our Aunties step in to provide a second layer of socialization and support. These experienced adult dogs act as role models, teaching the puppies valuable life skills and helping them navigate the complexities of canine interaction.

One of the primary lessons our Aunties impart is proper play etiquette. Puppies, in their enthusiasm and inexperience, often bite too hard or play too roughly with their littermates. The Aunties, with their gentle corrections and body language, teach the puppies when they’ve crossed a line. This early learning helps prevent the development of problematic behaviors and ensures that our puppies grow into well-mannered adult dogs.

Beyond Play: Teaching Essential Life Skills

In addition to play-related lessons, our Aunties also model a variety of essential behaviors that puppies will need to master as they grow. For example, our adult dogs demonstrate proper potty training, showing the puppies that elimination should take place outside. This early exposure to good habits can make the housetraining process much smoother for new owners when they bring their Choice Paws puppy home.

Our Aunties also participate in basic training exercises, such as responding to simple commands like “sit” or “come.” By observing and mimicking the adult dogs, puppies begin to understand the concept of training and develop a positive association with learning. This foundation can make future training sessions more enjoyable and productive for both the puppy and their human family.

Building Confidence Through Mentorship

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of our Auntie program is the confidence it instills in our puppies. As they follow and work alongside their adult role models, puppies gain a sense of security and self-assurance. This confidence boost can be particularly valuable for puppies who may be naturally more reserved or anxious.

By providing our puppies with positive experiences and supportive guidance during their early weeks, we help them develop into well-adjusted, emotionally balanced dogs. This emotional stability is a key factor in ensuring a smooth transition into their forever homes and promoting long-term success in their new families.

The Choice Paws Difference

At Choice Paws, we believe that our commitment to early socialization through our Auntie program sets us apart as a breeder. We understand that raising a well-rounded, mentally healthy puppy requires more than just physical care – it demands a holistic approach that addresses their social and emotional needs as well.

By giving our Cavapoo and Toy Goldendoodle puppies this exceptional head start, we aim to provide our clients across the USA with the best possible foundation for a lifetime of joy and companionship. When you choose a Choice Paws puppy, you can feel confident knowing that your new furry family member has received the highest level of care and preparation for their future with you.


Puppy socialization is a critical aspect of responsible breeding, and at Choice Paws, we take this responsibility seriously. Our innovative Auntie program, which involves adult dogs mentoring and guiding our puppies, offers numerous benefits that extend well beyond the puppies’ time with us.

From teaching proper play and essential life skills to building confidence and emotional stability, our Aunties play a vital role in shaping the lives of our Cavapoo and Toy Goldendoodle puppies. As a prospective puppy owner, it’s essential to choose a breeder who prioritizes these positive experiences and gives their puppies the best possible start in life.

At Choice Paws, we are proud to be that breeder – one who goes above and beyond to ensure that our puppies are well-prepared for their future homes. When you welcome a Choice Paws puppy into your life, you can rest assured that they have received an exceptional foundation of love, care, and socialization, setting the stage for a lifetime of happiness together.

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