About Our Family

Meet our family!

Hello, fellow dog enthusiasts! I’m Kari, and I’m thrilled to share my journey with Choice Paws Puppies. For the past two years, I’ve had the privilege of being a partner breeder with this incredible establishment, contributing to its success and growth.

During my time at Choice Paws, I’ve worn many hats, immersing myself in various aspects of the breeding process. Now, as Jenny takes a step back, I’m excited to embrace growing Choice Paws and running the business. It’s a responsibility I take on with enthusiasm and dedication.

At the heart of my life are my three furry companions – two lovable Golden Doodles and a charming Cavapoo. These canine companions have become the center of my world alongside my husband, Chris. As our three kids approach adulthood, our dogs bring an abundance of joy, love, and laughter to our household.

Now, let me spill the kibble on my pet history. Fish, cats, hermit crabs, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils – you name it, I’ve probably had it! But it wasn’t until later in life that I discovered the unrivaled joy that comes with a dog’s wagging tail and unconditional love.  My daughter wanted nothing more than a puppy. She researched the Goldendoodle breed and made a convincing powerpoint.  Once we found Bagel I couldn’t imagine life without a dog.  She brought so much happiness, fun and laughter to our family I was convinced everyone must have a puppy just like her.

I have always been a science enthusiast. I love the genetics of dog breeding and I love the opportunity to nurture new life. There is so much to learn about our four legged friends you’ll often catch me immersed in podcasts covering everything from breeding intricacies to the latest in puppy training techniques. Beyond the kennel, my daughter is currently on her own doggy adventure as a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind, where she’s fostering the adorable Kiko, a yellow lab with a heart as golden as her fur.

At Choice Paws, my mission is simple: to spread the love. I want every family to experience the happiness that my dogs bring into my life. It’s not just about breeding; it’s about creating connections, forging friendships, and ensuring that every wagging tail finds its forever home. So, whether you’re a seasoned dog whisperer or a first-time fur parent, I’m here to make your journey with Choice Paws a paw-sitively delightful one. Let’s make memories, share stories, and celebrate the magic of the canine-human connection together!

Our Unique Approach To Breeding

  • Not a Kennel
  • Raised in home
  • Health-Tested Dogs

Our mission is to breed healthy, well socialized, amazing family pets.  We have a small number of moms and litters.  All of our puppies are raised in the middle of a home and family.  We are not a kennel and we believe in quality over quantity.  We are very hands on with our puppies and spend a lot of time with them and that would not be possible with too many litters at once.  We do not mass produce puppies and do not keep our puppies in a garage or shed like some breeders.  We are also very transparent and post videos and live videos and pictures daily on instagram.  Make sure you know where your breeder raises the puppies.  Make sure you face time or see videos of where the puppies are born and raised! Anyone can take a cute picture, or a video of the puppies in the living room.  But where do they spend the majority of their day and life?  Our puppies are raised 100% in our home.  They have their own designated puppy rooms which are clean, bright, and specifically for our puppies!  All of our puppies are bred with a purpose.   All of our dogs live with us or in guardian homes with their forever families. This allows them to be a part of a family, live in a home, and be spoiled and well taken care of. Our dogs are loved immensely. The puppies are extremely well socialized and cared for. We want to be certain that our dogs receive the best possible care and receive what they need to be the best mothers and have healthy happy puppies.    If our partner breeder is raising the litter it will be noted on the upcoming litter information.  

All of our dams are DNA health tested through Embark as well as OFA tested. OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) testing is expensive and time consuming, so many breeders simply do not do the testing. Instead, they say their dogs are “health checked or vet checked”, which is not the same thing as DNA or OFA tested. A vet can not simply give an exam and know what genetic diseases the dog may be carrying, nor can they simply examine the dog and know what their hips, heart, elbows, patellas look like without x-rays (OFA hips require anesthesia and only certain vets are OFA certified).  We believe that this is one area that sets us apart from other breeders.  If we are using our own stud they are also DNA and OFA tested.  If we are using an outside stud they will be DNA tested but may or may not be OFA tested.  

When buying a puppy, it’s absolutely essential that the parents have had their DNA and OFA testing done. Cavaliers are prone to heart problems, poodles are prone to knee problems, Retrievers are prone to hip problems. There are specific genetic diseases that are common in each breed. You do not want to end up with expensive vet bills or heartbreak later down the road. That is why we put the time and money into properly health testing our dogs. Quality is our priority.

Because we are not a kennel and we put our mothers’ and puppies’ health and well-being first and foremost above anything else, we have limited number of available puppies each year. Make sure to reserve yours to make sure you don’t miss out on adding a wonderful new puppy to your family. 

About Our Program

How Choice Paws Puppies Are Raised

We use the Puppy Culture program to raise the puppies.

Other breeders may say they use it, but do your homework and make sure that they are actually familiar with it and are in fact using it. It is a very extensive program. 

Part of the puppy culture program is using early neurological stimulation (ENS), which has been shown to make puppies healthier, more confident and more adaptable to new situations. There is a short window of time to do this that begins on the 3rd day of life and lasts until the 16th day. It is believed that because this interval of time is a period of rapid neurological growth and development, ENS is of great importance to the puppy. There are 5 exercises done with each puppy each day during this period.  We have also incorporated parts of other curriculums and some of our own!  Other things we do:  10 step handling exercises, car rides, fieldtrips, outdoor playtime, exposure to different textures (ice, bubble wrap, crinkly paper, etc), sound exposure.  

We have also partnered with Baxter & Bella so that you can receive online and live one on one puppy training.  You will receive a discount code from us.

ChoicePaws Training

The first 8 weeks of a puppy’s life is extremely important and will shape their future.

Your ChoicePaws Puppy Includes:

3-Year Genetic Health Guarantee

Up-To-Date on Vaccinations and De-Wormings

Your very own Snuggle Puppy with heartbeat and warming pack

Examined by a Licensed Vet to Ensure the Puppy is Healthy

Puppy Starter Package with Snuggle Puppy, Blanket, and Other Goodies such as chew sticks and toys.

High level of socialization and personal work with your puppy

30 days free pet insurance with Trupanion

FaceTime go home planning meeting to answer all of your questions, review puppy schedule and training plan

Proven crate training system

Puppies are raised in large dedicated individual puppy areas specifically designed for their developmental stage inside my house. Puppy areas are bright and clean.

Small multigenerational toy goldendoodle puppy in a pink harness ready for summer red with white chin