Himalayan cheese chews, long lasting, all natural, made of cheese, available on Amazon.

Freeze dried liver or freeze dried chicken treats are good training treats, along with carrot pieces, sweet potato, apple pieces, green beans, cheese, chicken.

Bully sticks. Give in moderation at first, they can cause diarrhea if they have too much.

No rawhide or cooked bones.  But uncooked raw meaty bones are fine.  

Healthy Edibles brand has “puppy” chew/treats. There are also “Puppy” teething rings.  Benebones/Nylabones also work well (especially peanut butter and bacon ones).   

Kong toys are great.  Stuff with peanut butter, cream cheese, plain yogurt, or wet kibble and freeze to make it last longer.  You can also fill a metal muffin tin with frozen yogurt or peanut butter, then put in their food bowl frozen and they will lick and eat it but it takes them awhile.  Puzzle toys with treats will keep them busy along with snuffle mats which let them use their natural instincts to sniff and find food.  Licking mats are also great as licking helps relax them.